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Mr. Fuzzy Worm

Mr. Fuzzy Magic Worm Toy

Watch the video to see the Magical Worms moving 

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Mr. Fuzzy Magic Worm Toy

Mr. Fuzzy Green $4

Mr. Fuzzy Worm green

Mr. Fuzzy Pink $4

Mr. Fuzzy Worm pink

Mr. Fuzzy Yellow $4

Mr. Fuzzy Worm yellow

Mr. Fuzzy Blue $4

Mr. Fuzzy Worm blue

Mr. Fuzzy Orange $4

Mr. Fuzzy Worm orange

Mr. Fuzzy Purple $4

Mr. Fuzzy Worm purple

Special Offers

Mr Fuzzy Worms 6-pack

6 - Pack Mr. Fuzzy $20

Mr Fuzzy Worms 12-pack

12 - Pack Mr. Fuzzy $37


1 Mr. Fuzzy

$ 4 shipping $4

6 - Pack Offer

$ 20 shipping $4

12 - Pack Offer

$ 37 Free Shipping

Customer Reviews

Hi Andra I received the product today:) Saw the note with the package asking to send you an email when the package has arrived. Thanks again for your quick response and my cat will be forever grateful for your product (she loves the Mr. Fuzzy worms)!
My granddaughter saw these at school ( a friend had one) and so we’ve been searching for them (not knowing what they were called). So glad you had them and now, she’s waiting by the mailbox. Have a great weekend and week next week!
I got my fuzzies today!! Thanks! I buy them for my cat. When I am ready to replace them, I will order them from you again!! thanks again,
What a great toy!!!! The package of 6 mr Fuzzy worms shipped to South Ogden, Utah, .. Thank you so much, and just to let you know these toys are for my cats-they go absolutely crazy over them and believe me I have bought them some very expensive toys which they promptly ignore. They chase these by the hour and never tire of them. My old cat who NEVER plays chases these all over. Thank you for the great toys!!!! I will certainly order again
Thanks for your message. Toys are for my daughter. She has lost one, which I have bought in Berlin last year. She liked it very much. I hope she will be very happy when she get new toys. Best regards,
Thank you very much,the Magic Mr. Fuzzy worms arrived today. I am now going to post them to my Grandson in Sydney Australia. He got one in Harrods last year and wanted more!! I hope to order some again soon. Regards
Janine M

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